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The ultimate shortcut. We want to bring simplicity and reliability to the age of too much information.  We are a one stop shop for leading cosmetic products recommended and endorsed by our user community, YOU. We feature people like you, trying to do big things in a super complicated and saturated world. Share your wow with us! 


Our Story | Who We Are

Technology nerds meet product lovers and experts (you) to bring simplicity to the online shopping world. Sounds fluffy, I know, but it's true.


Here's a little something personal to show you how dedicated I really am. I am notoriously late to most things in my life, and work is no different (oops). Hope my boss isn't reading this. Naturally, I'm always in search of a shortcut, even when it comes to looking my best. Easy on-the-go cosmetics I can apply in the car is my fort (yes I'm that person you see on your morning drive to work). I don't have time to sponge tap my foundation for 5 minutes before the light turns green. I've spent hours researching easy apply make-up products, and how-tos, and reading reviews before finally making purchases. There are just too many choices and too many websites.

Although it's another website added to the slew of sites, we aspire to be a simple, and reliable community of enthusiastic, incredibly creative users who are eager to share their wow with others. If you love us as much as we love you, we'll expand to other markets in time!